Can I Sit Down Please?

Oh my goodness!! It’s been a really busy day! We started at Denver Mattress Company, but I wanted to shop around a little bit. After running by my parents house and checking on the cat, we went to the Sleep Number Store. Steve wasn’t a huge fan and there was only one person working there, and quite a few customers. After that we were off to Ikea.

Giant Warehouse.

Look at all the stuff!!

We bought a bed frame, two side tables and a tv stand (which was actually a sofa table).


We grabbed some Chick-fil-a, which of course I didn’t take a picture of and we were off again. Back to Denver Mattress company. We were torn between two beds so we spent quite awhile jumping back and forth between them. In the end we decided to be smart and not spend a small fortune on the luxe model and went with the one a step down. Still a very comfortable option. And we got two “free” pillows. We dropped off the mattress at home and left for Target to look for a new comforter. We didn’t find one at Target so we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. There was one we kind of liked but in the end we just bought some king size sheets since our old bed was a Queen. We also realized that we used to buy our comforters a size big so we already had a King. We stopped at Bath and Body works to get some plug in air fresheners, they have a new scent called Mahogany and Teakwood that smells fantastic! It smells like the Abercrombie store. Then it was off to Home Depot (are you tired yet?). We had to get a base for the new bed since we didn’t buy the slats at Ikea. We headed back to Target to look at throw blankets and they just didn’t have the right color. We stopped at 5 Guys Burgers on our way home and then we had all the had parts put together.

In the end it turned out pretty fantastic!

The bed is awesome and everything looks great.

We need to lower the television a little and hide some wires but it still looks great!!

I’m so tired!! Lifting furniture all day will take it out of you. Have a great night!


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More Spiders – Bark at the Moon

Yay Friday!!! We made it. What’s the most helpless feeling in the world? To me it’s standing in the shower with a spider. I HATE it! I must really be Miss Muffet or the Cesar Milan of spiders. Just call me the spider whisperer. I reach for my shampoo in the shower this morning and there’s a very large black spider with a huge butt! Not only could I not use that shampoo this spider was so big I didn’t even want to wash him down the drain with my feet on the floor. So I showered as quick as I could and then stood outside the shower and washed him down the drain. That sucker had a good hold too because it took forever to get him down. I’m done with spiders!

Steve and I went to the Flat Irons mall tonight and it was a little disappointing. The stores and people have gone a bit downhill. Lots of graffiti, and pants on the ground. It just felt like a lot of kids with nothing else to do. The worst js that they were rude. Oh well, we did have California Pizza Kitchen.

Margarita me.

The margarita was okay. Really I was craving the Cherry Spritzer that I had last Sunday but they took it off the menu and wouldn’t make me one. Man was I disappointed.

Poblano stuffed pepper.

This was really good though. The pepper was perfect and it was packed full of vegetables. And for just 310 calories.

Hello there!

We also got red mango frozen yogurt and it wasn’t very good. It was bitter and just not good. I ended up throwing mine away.
Tonight the moon was huge so we decided to “bite at the moon”.


Take that Ozzy!
Tomorrow we are looking for a new bed. We may get a sleep number but we’re going to look around tomorrow. Also a bed frame from Ikea will most likely be coming home with us. We’re both excited since I bought our bed 8 years ago for about $200. It’s definitely time!

Have a great Friday night everyone.


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They Call Me Miss Muffet

Oh the work week is almost over! Happy Thursday! Well yesterday I left work and came out to this.


I know he looks tiny but he was on my door handle. I went to open the door and ahhh! Scared me pretty good and then of course I stood there and tried to figure out how to get him to move without smashing him. I got him off with my keys and I was on my way!

For my evening workout I did the Bikini Sculpt and Long and Lean Stretch from the BeachBabe DVD. It was about 50 minutes and I was sweating by the end.



I had a chicken salad salad for lunch today. It wasn’t the healthiest thing I’ve had but it was a decent decision.



Dinner was Cod, avocado, bell peppers and onions. The bell peppers and onions were on point but I’m just not a big fan of fish right now. I go through phases where I love fish and then just not so much.

Steve and I watched What’s Your Number tonight and though we’ve already seen it, it was still really funny. I love Anna Farris. She is hilarious and said ridiculous things just like me. When you can actually laugh out loud at a movie you know it’s good. I got a some studying in and now it’s bed time!


What did you guys think of So You Think You Can Dance last night? So sad to see Will leave. He had an amazing personality. But then aging everyone that’s left at this point is fantastic.

See you Friday!!

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Animal Print Pants Out of Control

Happy hump day!! What a beautiful Wednesday it is. I did a lot of stretching this morning since I’m still extremely sore from Monday night. I really kicked my butt. In hoping to make it to Body Pump class tonight but I’m really busy at work and it might not be possible to get out of here by 5.

It was a chai kind of morning this morning. I was craving something cold this morning and plain iced coffee just doesn’t do it for me.
For lunch I had the same turkey bowl I had yesterday. I finished it off though so tomorrow will be something new.

Animal Print Pants Out of Control

Can you see it?

She was so far away by the time I snapped a picture. She’s sexy and she knows it. Skin tight zebra print pants with sky high stilettos. There’s a crazy place near where I work and there’s new people constantly and they don’t have a dress code so sometimes it’s pretty entertaining to see what people come to work in. I’ve seen shirts with profanity right on the front.

Look at this poor book.


I think I have officially read the Hunger Games to death. Gotta get back to work. It’s been a pretty hard day so far. Sometimes you just have those days when you’re not feeling it and nothing comes easy. Well that’s my day today.

Happy Wednesday.

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Rest Day

Hello and I hope your Tuesday was good. I have been beyond sore today. There were a few times I didn’t think I was going to be able to stand up! It’s getting a little better but I couldn’t imagine working out today. Today’s lunch was last nights dinner ad it was just as good today.

Dinner tonight was Chicken, broccoli, bell peppers and onions with avocado.

It was devoured.

We watched the 100 sexiest videos of all time before bed and it was disappointing. Number 1 was Madonna’s Justify my Love and number 2 was D’Angelo’s Untitled. Eh not a big fan of either. I was thinking Britney’s Slave for You would be top 5 but it wasn’t.

I’m not sure I even have the energy to read to tonight. I think it may be a quick night one my head hits the pillow.

Have a great night. See you on hump day!

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Who’s Got Two Thumbs and is Super Spoiled

This girl!!

First things first my workout. I love Body Pump.

Helloooo sweaty!

I may have overdone it a little bit in class today because I feel like my muscles are ripped to shreds. I did increased weight on almost every exercise which may not have been a super smart idea since I haven’t been in a few weeks.


Check out this dinner.

This is why I’m a spoiled girl. Steve made turkey, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and a little chili powder tonight and man was it amazing. This will definitely be showing up as lunch tomorrow. The yellow bell pepper was fantastic. Really it was all fantastic!

I spent the last few hours reading about the Adaptation Principle and man does my brain hurt. I haven’t studied since high school. Making note cards and writing definitions is harder than I remember it. I’m working on building a training plan for clients. It’s hard but I’m getting there.

Time for bed.

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Green Monday

Happy Monday morning to all! Were you ready for the week? I surprisingly was. Even without much sleep last night I woke up and was ready to go.


Lunch today was left over stir fry.


It was good. It may not hold me over for long though.

I’m excited to get to the gym tonight for Body Pump. I haven’t been to the class in a few weeks. It’s really hard to make it to the gym by 5:30 but I try my best.

This is what I will be doing the rest of the night.

Intimidating huh?

I found the online study materials last night and they were great! There’s so much information and I’m more of a visual learner anyway so it really helps. So far I’ve really only covered chronic disease and man is it sad. So many people with so many chronic diseases that could be prevented by healthy eating and exercise. Hopefully I will be able to get in there and help someone change their life.

Have a great Monday!

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