What the Hail

Happy Thursday. What a night it was last night. I woke up at 11:30 to what sounded like a monsoon! It was raining, windy and the hail was hitting our window air conditioning unit with a bang. I’ve never seen lighting so close before. After about an hour it slowed down and I finally got back to sleep. But at 1:00 it started again and just as bad. Poor Lola was not having a fun time. She would jump every time the hail would hit metal (which was about every two seconds) so this is what I woke up to.


They were small sized hail but there was a lot of it.

This morning was another late morning but I least I can blame the no sleep. I did a short stretching routine, ate a key lime pie Lara bar, made my lunch and I was out the door.

All of this was done while watching Dawson’s Creek. Do you remember that show? I loved it growing up and now watching it back it was completely unrealistic and cheesy. Plus I don’t know many adults who use the language they did in that show much less teenagers. Witty is one thing but needing a dictionary to watch the show is another. Either way I’m enjoying the cheese.

Lunch today was almost he same as yesterday with one important addition.

Avocado! I love me some avocado. Look at that pretty puppy in the background.

I’m gonna have to spice things up for lunch because I’ve been eating the same salad for about a week now.

I’m trying to decide between going to the gym or doing Insanity when I get home. The weather is nasty again do home may win out.

What show did you watch that’d you’d be completely embarrassed to admit to?

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