I’m Juiced

Happy Friday!! It’s always nice when the end of the week is so near. I get antsy on nice Fridays because Steve has Fridays off work so he’s home with the dogs and running his errands and I’m stuck at work working away very happily. I got up early and did a much needed stretching routine. I then enjoyed this little baby.

Non fat Chai Latte. You look delicious and I must drink you now!

I normally stop at Starbucks on Friday morning. It’s almost like a treat for surviving the week. I normally have a morning snack but today I just wasn’t feeling hungry. (Must be the giant blueberry muffin I wasn’t going to tell you about). I mean I have no idea why I wasn’t hungry! Sometimes cheating with baked goods feels so good.


Lunch may look pretty familiar if you read last nights blog. A Quinoa bowl with Elk meat and green chile was pretty much devoured in less than 10 seconds. It may not look pretty but it tastes fantastic. Quinoa is a whole protein and it’s so easy to make. Sometimes healthy foods can be so time consuming

I think tomorrow will be spent looking for a juicer. I watched a documentary about a man who juiced for 90 days straight and he looked and felt fantastic afterwards. Now 90 days is a little much for me but a 10 day juice fast would be doable.


Look at this bad boy! For $375 it better go the store to get the ingredients for my juice! We certainly won’t be getting this juicer but they make decently priced models.

Also on the agenda for this weekend is to find an upside down tomato hanger.

Are those your tomatoes or are you just happy to see me?

And an herb garden for my patio. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have any of you ever gone on a juice fast? How did it go? How many days did you do it?

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