Oh Deer

Today’s drive home was a little crazy. The reservoir was a little flooded.


This road was very flooded and I was a little worried at first. My little Subaru isn’t very big but he’s a champ and we made it through just fine. On the other side of the flooded road was this little guy.

Um excuse me but did I give you permission to take my picture?

I love my drive through the state park. I see coyotes, deer, and tons of birds. It’s pretty relaxing. I think the craziest wildlife I’ve ever seen was a very large pheasant. He was crazy because he was walking down a pretty busy road. All the cars were stopped and he was just taking his time.

Dinner tonight was Quinoa, Elk meat, sautéed onions and mushrooms.


Yum! And to think a couple months ago I had no idea what Quinoa was.

Tonight’s television wasn’t very interesting. Steve an I ended up watching a food documentary and the end of the CMT awards. I have to say that the CMT awards are my favorite awards show. There’s so much bling and sparkle. Big hair, big heels and big buckles.

Tomorrow’s Friday and I’m very ready.

What’s the craziest wild animal you’ve ever seen?

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