Date Night – Too much Cake

Oh my goodness I’m so full I can barely move.


Steve and I had a date night tonight at Cheddar’s. We have only been there once and I wanted a big margarita and a patio.



Man oh man did they deliver. Steve even had something called a painkiller.


You know there’s a lot of alcohol when they state on the menu that the limit is two per person.

I had a Roasted Pear salad that I of course forgot to take a picture of and Steve had Cajun Pasta. Then came dessert which was not needed. We ordered the fudge chocolate cake sundae.


We could have fed 5 people with this. As I was eating this sugar filled diet disaster, I started to remember why I eat healthy. I feel awful when I eat too much sugar. I get nauseous, and tired. There is nothing nutritious in that cake at all. Does anyone else get sick when eating bad?

We then went to Ulta where I proceeded to spend way too much money on shampoo and conditioner and then wandered around Target for a little while. Now it’s almost bedtime.

Do you feel any different eating healthy foods?

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