Fun Filled Saturday

Man it was a busy day. I was rudely so lovingly woken up by Lola this morning at 7:15. So I decided to just get up and do my workout. This morning my workout was the HITT the Beach workout, the beach bum and sun kissed abs from the Tone It Up Beachbabe DVD.


I’m pretty much in love with the Tone It Up nutrition plan and workouts. I’ll write an entire post about Tone It Up tomorrow.

Good morning from me and Niko.

Breakfast was a protein shake and a Bekind blueberry vanilla bar. I demolished a skinny caramel macchiato at Starbucks on our way to check out Golden. What a great little town. They had a farmers market going on but there was no parking so we decided to head home. We stopped at the mall to grab a few things and had chipotle for lunch. I had a vegetarian burrito bowl. Then we went to the garden center to look for herbs.

Check out this giant honey bee!

I found what I was looking for.



In the first pot is Rosemary, Sweet Basil and Italian Oregano.
In the second is Orange Mint and Stevia.
I’m really excited to get cooking with them. I think Orange Mint and Stevia will be fantastic frozen in some ice cubes yo make flavored water. We planted them and worked out in the garden for a few hours. Then it was dinner time.


Grilled Salmon and Pineapple.

It was so good. All we added to the salmon was a little lemon and some garlic salt. I may be sipping on a margarita as well 😃

We’re trying to find a movie to watch and then the day is done.

Ps: We looked at a few juicer’s today but the selection wasn’t too great.

Do you relax on the weekend or do you always have a hundred things going on?

We are always running around like crazy!

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