America’s Manliest Cities

Happy Hump day!! Today started off with the snooze button and a mad dash to shower and get ready on time. I had a Lara Bar while literally running out the door. I had some Chobani Greek 0% Yogurt, with a little Agave and some Blueberries.


On my break I ran to Starbucks since I certainly didn’t have time to make coffee this morning.

Oh yes non fat Chai get in my belly!

For lunch I had leftover spaghetti with turkey meat.

I know it must be riveting checkin out my collection of Tupperware.

Manliest Cities
I was reading an article today about America’s manliest cities. I had to laugh a little bit at the criteria they used to find America’s Manliest city. Some criteria was how many home improvement stores there are, and how many steak houses they have. Guess who the winner was?
Nashville, Tennessee.
Nashville has a high concentration of NASCAR enthusiasts, popularity of hunting and fishing and a high number of BBQ restaurants. Which apparently makes you manly.
Denver was ranked #5 I’m sure due to the hunting and fishing popularity.
If you want to waste some time you can go hereto check out the article.

What city would you rank the Manliest?

I think I would go with somewhere in Texas or a large farming town. Seems to me that you can’t get much more manly than working on a tractor farming all day. All though with today’s tractors you can watch tv an sit in an air conditioned cab for most of the day.

Have a great Wednesday!

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