Hello from Hiatus! I took a few days off but I’m back. This morning I hit the punching bag for about 40 minutes (apparently I had some aggression), took a shower and made some breakfast.

Hello protein pancake! Get in ma belly!

I burnt this one a little but it was still very tasty.

Lunch today was supposed to be a quinoa bowl but a bad avocado changed the plans and I ended up with a turkey sub from subway.


It took two times to make it right but it was good.

The Bachelorette

So who’s still watching this season? I knew Travis would go home. He seemed like a great guy and a good friend but there was no chemistry at all. I hate that Ryan turned out to be such a douche bag. I picked him to win in my pool so I’m out there. I’ve met guys like that before. They try to manipulate you out of your own feelings and make you feel stupid. Yuck! Steve was telling me that he would lose all the respect he had for Emily if she had changed her mind and let him stay. He also knew she was going to keep John and Doug. I was teetering on keep both or lose both. I still don’t get the Jef fascination. He seems too pretend cool. Tight pants and multi color high tops and his vanilla ice hair. I’m just not a fan. He seems like he’s trying too hard to be this cool guy. Sean keeps growing on me and of course everyone loves Arie.

I think I may try my body pump class at a gym closer to my house tonight so wish me luck.

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