On Fire

Well here we are at hump day once again. Happy first day of summer ☀! First things first, last nights dinner.

Baked Cod on spinach with honey, lemon and olive oil. My husband must love me.

Fish is fantastic! Steve and I got all caught up on Design Star and hit the sack.

This morning was a bit frantic. I apparently zoned out in the shower this morning because I only had 45 minutes to walk the dogs and get ready when I got out. No lunch or coffee could be made but I made it to work on time by the skin of my teeth (which is a weird and gross sounding saying)!

And then this happened.

Mmm hello skinny caramel machiatto. It woke me up and may have even brightened my day a little.

While I was at Starbucks I picked up lunch.

Egg salad.

To be honest it wasn’t very good. But it will hold me over and remind me to MAKE FOOD tonight.

It’s been in the 90’s and even 101 on Monday here in Colorado and now on the first day of Summer it’s in the 60’s. It finally feels like spring here. I do however wish it would rain for a couple days straight. Half the state is on fire and that includes just a few miles from my parents land. Thankfully it hasn’t made it there and we have our fingers crossed that it’s contained soon and everyone there is okay.

We are supposed to be there for the fourth of July so we’ll see if that happens.

On the agenda tonight is BodyPump. I’m really not feeling this sub instructor but I love the class so much I’m going anyway. But if she tells me to yell or asks if I’m feeling it I’m not going to be too happy. Just tell me what to do and actually do it with me.

Talk to you later.

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