First Crossfit Workout and the Weekend

Happy Sunday. It’s been pretty insane here the last few days! Thursday night I did my first Crossfit workout with Steve as my trainer. We didn’t go very long since I didn’t want to hate it! We did two circuits and by the end I was a sweaty mess with a bruised pinky and the beginnings of blisters. But I loved it. With the right pair of gloves I think I could do pretty well.

Farmers Market

Check out this Farmers Market.


They had so much stuff. We came home with tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries, and broccoli. And then we had some frozen yogurt.


It was soy frozen yogurt and it was a bit gritty. Not my favorite but still very tasty. I normally get blackberries in my fro yo but since they didn’t have any I opted for Reese’s Piece’s chunks. I have to say the blackberries win it.

Here is our view from fro yo. They have a fountain for the kids and a ton of food booths and homemade knick knacks.

We made a trip to Outdoor world to exchange my dad’s fathers day present. We got him a boat cover that was a wee bit too small.

Then we returned this guy!

Hello Crosby!

We’ve been watching my brother and his family’s dog for a few days. He didn’t let me sleep much until we figured out the only way he would sleep was on the bed with us. So of course in addition to a lab and a chihuahua we added a 90 pound Rottweiler to our queen size bed and somehow managed to make it work.

The Reservoir
We headed to Chatfield Reservoir after that to do some wake surfing on a friends boat.



I of course took no pictures that were worth anything! I’ll get better I promise! It was a fun time. Steve got up on the surf board. I’ll have to try next time because it was getting too dark.

I’m off to run errands today.

Have a great Sunday!

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