Mango Salad and Bachelorette Opinions

This morning I got a really good stretch in. It wasn’t the full workout I wanted but it was good just the same.
Lunch today was a mango salad from Qdoba.


The Bachelorette

This season gets better by the episode now. I loved Emily’s one on one with Arie. He seems a little intense though. Intensity is good sometimes but other times it’s a little creepy. It felt really early for I love you to come out but if that’s really the way he’s feeling more power to him. I don’t think he’ll be the winner but I think he’ll be one of the final two.
The group date was awkward and boring. Doug has been awkward from the beginning and he just waited to long and let the situation get more uncomfortable week after week. I was glad to see him go. Chris is quite an idiot and I see him going home next week. Unless someone else’s hometown date goes awful. Sean has grown on me. I thought he was a little big headed at first but I like him now. Not only is he gorgeous but he seems genuinely interested in Emily and the process.
I honestly can’t even remember John’s date. You could tell Emily wasn’t feeling the chemistry.
Jef earned some points with me with his “I wanna date you so hard and then marry the shit out of you”. It was cute but the puppets were too much. Jef seems perfect but I have a weird feeling about him. He seems a little young and inexperienced. I’m not sure he could handle Emily.
Sean’s run through the streets was adorable and pretty steamy.
I’m glad to see John go and I think we’ll see Chris leave next week.

I’m off to have some turkey quinoa and watch design star. Have a great night all!

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