Animal Print Pants Out of Control

Happy hump day!! What a beautiful Wednesday it is. I did a lot of stretching this morning since I’m still extremely sore from Monday night. I really kicked my butt. In hoping to make it to Body Pump class tonight but I’m really busy at work and it might not be possible to get out of here by 5.

It was a chai kind of morning this morning. I was craving something cold this morning and plain iced coffee just doesn’t do it for me.
For lunch I had the same turkey bowl I had yesterday. I finished it off though so tomorrow will be something new.

Animal Print Pants Out of Control

Can you see it?

She was so far away by the time I snapped a picture. She’s sexy and she knows it. Skin tight zebra print pants with sky high stilettos. There’s a crazy place near where I work and there’s new people constantly and they don’t have a dress code so sometimes it’s pretty entertaining to see what people come to work in. I’ve seen shirts with profanity right on the front.

Look at this poor book.


I think I have officially read the Hunger Games to death. Gotta get back to work. It’s been a pretty hard day so far. Sometimes you just have those days when you’re not feeling it and nothing comes easy. Well that’s my day today.

Happy Wednesday.

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