They Call Me Miss Muffet

Oh the work week is almost over! Happy Thursday! Well yesterday I left work and came out to this.


I know he looks tiny but he was on my door handle. I went to open the door and ahhh! Scared me pretty good and then of course I stood there and tried to figure out how to get him to move without smashing him. I got him off with my keys and I was on my way!

For my evening workout I did the Bikini Sculpt and Long and Lean Stretch from the BeachBabe DVD. It was about 50 minutes and I was sweating by the end.



I had a chicken salad salad for lunch today. It wasn’t the healthiest thing I’ve had but it was a decent decision.



Dinner was Cod, avocado, bell peppers and onions. The bell peppers and onions were on point but I’m just not a big fan of fish right now. I go through phases where I love fish and then just not so much.

Steve and I watched What’s Your Number tonight and though we’ve already seen it, it was still really funny. I love Anna Farris. She is hilarious and said ridiculous things just like me. When you can actually laugh out loud at a movie you know it’s good. I got a some studying in and now it’s bed time!


What did you guys think of So You Think You Can Dance last night? So sad to see Will leave. He had an amazing personality. But then aging everyone that’s left at this point is fantastic.

See you Friday!!

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