More Spiders – Bark at the Moon

Yay Friday!!! We made it. What’s the most helpless feeling in the world? To me it’s standing in the shower with a spider. I HATE it! I must really be Miss Muffet or the Cesar Milan of spiders. Just call me the spider whisperer. I reach for my shampoo in the shower this morning and there’s a very large black spider with a huge butt! Not only could I not use that shampoo this spider was so big I didn’t even want to wash him down the drain with my feet on the floor. So I showered as quick as I could and then stood outside the shower and washed him down the drain. That sucker had a good hold too because it took forever to get him down. I’m done with spiders!

Steve and I went to the Flat Irons mall tonight and it was a little disappointing. The stores and people have gone a bit downhill. Lots of graffiti, and pants on the ground. It just felt like a lot of kids with nothing else to do. The worst js that they were rude. Oh well, we did have California Pizza Kitchen.

Margarita me.

The margarita was okay. Really I was craving the Cherry Spritzer that I had last Sunday but they took it off the menu and wouldn’t make me one. Man was I disappointed.

Poblano stuffed pepper.

This was really good though. The pepper was perfect and it was packed full of vegetables. And for just 310 calories.

Hello there!

We also got red mango frozen yogurt and it wasn’t very good. It was bitter and just not good. I ended up throwing mine away.
Tonight the moon was huge so we decided to “bite at the moon”.


Take that Ozzy!
Tomorrow we are looking for a new bed. We may get a sleep number but we’re going to look around tomorrow. Also a bed frame from Ikea will most likely be coming home with us. We’re both excited since I bought our bed 8 years ago for about $200. It’s definitely time!

Have a great Friday night everyone.


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