Can I Sit Down Please?

Oh my goodness!! It’s been a really busy day! We started at Denver Mattress Company, but I wanted to shop around a little bit. After running by my parents house and checking on the cat, we went to the Sleep Number Store. Steve wasn’t a huge fan and there was only one person working there, and quite a few customers. After that we were off to Ikea.

Giant Warehouse.

Look at all the stuff!!

We bought a bed frame, two side tables and a tv stand (which was actually a sofa table).


We grabbed some Chick-fil-a, which of course I didn’t take a picture of and we were off again. Back to Denver Mattress company. We were torn between two beds so we spent quite awhile jumping back and forth between them. In the end we decided to be smart and not spend a small fortune on the luxe model and went with the one a step down. Still a very comfortable option. And we got two “free” pillows. We dropped off the mattress at home and left for Target to look for a new comforter. We didn’t find one at Target so we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. There was one we kind of liked but in the end we just bought some king size sheets since our old bed was a Queen. We also realized that we used to buy our comforters a size big so we already had a King. We stopped at Bath and Body works to get some plug in air fresheners, they have a new scent called Mahogany and Teakwood that smells fantastic! It smells like the Abercrombie store. Then it was off to Home Depot (are you tired yet?). We had to get a base for the new bed since we didn’t buy the slats at Ikea. We headed back to Target to look at throw blankets and they just didn’t have the right color. We stopped at 5 Guys Burgers on our way home and then we had all the had parts put together.

In the end it turned out pretty fantastic!

The bed is awesome and everything looks great.

We need to lower the television a little and hide some wires but it still looks great!!

I’m so tired!! Lifting furniture all day will take it out of you. Have a great night!


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