Well hello there! I’m Heather. But I’m thinking you already knew that.

Me on my wedding day. Well hello!

I’m 29 and live in Denver, Colorado. I’m married to my best friend Steve.

He’s pretty fantastic!

I live a pretty healthy lifestyle but I’m working on being more healthy and getting more exercise. Now that summer is here I’ll be outside more.

I work in an office, at a desk, sitting all day but the dream is to open a gym. Maybe crossfit, maybe machines, maybe even yoga and classes. The details aren’t ironed out yet but there is a dream. Now we just have to make it happen.

I have two completely insane dogs.

This is Lola. She’s quite a bit bigger now and has just as much energy.
“wanna play?”

This is Niko. My barking, biting Chihuahua.
“who me?”

I am not a writer. I’ve never taken a writing course or for that matter ever really written anything. But I have a passion for health and fitness and I hope by writing this blog I can learn more about both.

I’m a bit of a television addict lover. I always know what day it is based on what’s on tonight. My favorites are So You Think You Can Dance (ba da da da so you think you can dance dance dance), The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Biggest Loser, and American Idol. I’m sure that plenty of these shows will show up on the blog from time to time.

So welcome! I look forward to writing BearFit.


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